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Anissa Kate is a hot porn star from France with amazing tits and an awesome body. Those big boobs of hers are as real as any around and they go very well with her hot face and dark hair. Anissa does hardcore, too, so that instantly makes her one of the hottest porn stars online. Anissa has a degree in banking and decided to enter porn in September 2011.

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Date added: 01-07-2017 Rating:
Like 39
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Date added: 10-02-2015 Rating:
Like 41
Dislike 3
Date added: 09-26-2015 Rating:
Like 67
Dislike 11
Date added: 09-19-2015 Rating:
Like 53
Dislike 5
Date added: 08-16-2015 Rating:
Like 64
Dislike 1
Date added: 04-11-2015 Rating:
Like 33
Dislike 3
Date added: 03-21-2015 Rating:
Like 63
Dislike 6
Date added: 02-15-2015 Rating:
Like 71
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